• Contests - this is actually the way I get most of my QSOs, Squares, ... At the moment I participiate mainly in regional contests and the ones organized by the DARC.
    If time permits it, I try also to make some contacts in the contests of the neighbor countries, mainly F and OK.
  • DX-ing... well, at least as far this is possible with my present equipment and from my home QTH and the portable QTHs

    144 MHz E-Skip    144 MHz Es status VHF Aurora:   VHF Aurora status

    Some 'direct' DX-cluster etc. links ... (will open in a new browser window/tab)

  • Portable activities ...
  • Collecting grid squares and DXCCs on 144 MHz - my current (as of 16/06/2017), partly unconfirmed standings (including FSK441 mode) are:
            29 DXCC and 122 grid squares (8 in mode FSK441) wkd.
            24 DXCC and  78 grid squares confirmed
  • Collecting QSL cards for some awards, diplomas, ... (I still have some place here, hi)
    Main interests are in local diploma (of the closest DARC districts A, P, F and K), the DLD and the UKW-EU-D diploma (in the future).
  • F/DC2IP

    Due to my QRL I am from time to time at CERN. There I have the possibility to use the equipment of the local club station F6KAR.

    Periods of activity:

    	  11/01/2013 ... 23/01/2013 - just a few contacts
    	  04/12/2012                - just a short visit to the station ;)
    	  29/09/2012 ... 11/10/2012 - EPC-RU-DX Contest
    	  23/06/2012 ... 05/07/2012 - Ukrainian DX DIGI Contest
              03/11/2011 ... 06/11/2011 - Ukrainian DX Contest
              10/09/2011 ... 18/09/2011 - WAEDC SSB 2011
              05/09/2009                - holiday activity, participation in 
    	                              IARU contest on 2m, JN33LR
  • 9A/DC2IP

    Some activity during my vacations in Croatia from JN83PD, read more ... (in German)
  • Activation of DQ2006A
  • LU/DC2IP

    I stayed for a longer working visit (roughly three months) in Argentina. Thus I have asked the RCA (Radio Club Argentino) for a guest license for that period and I gratefully appreciate their support and that a license has been issued to me.
    Here a screenshot of it:

    License for LU/DC2IP issued by CNC

    Periods of activity:

              20/09/2005 ... 15/12/2005
              10/02/2007 ... 24/02/2007
              08/11/2007 ... 05/12/2007
  • Activities with DL0PHG

    DL0PHG is the call sign of our club station (A53), the responsible person for that call is YL Elke, DH3IAM.
    From time to time I activated (will activate, respectively) this call on 2 m. If you want to request a QSL card for a QSO during my activation periods, you may send your card via my callsign (via bureau) but sending it via the club call will work, too.
    I activated DL0PHG for the following periods:
    	  2004/08/01 - 2004/08/31 : 2m SSB
    	  2004/01/01 - 2004/01/31 : 2m SSB
    In 2009 Philippsburg, the home town of our local amateur radio club, celebrates its 1225th anniversary. We take this opportunity to distribute the SDOK (= special DOK) 1225PHG as much as we can. This SDOK is valid throughout the whole year 2009.

    I am looking forward to work you on the bands!

  • Programming ...

    Well, beside my programming work at my QRL there is a lot of interesting stuff to be done related to HAM business. Simply contact me if you find something useful or interesting for you ...

    • Some software for merging/comparing ADIF logs, especially to prepare the outgoing logs for
    • under construction: a small program to put all DARC contest results (from their web site) into a mySQL data base.
      I use this information to find out the DOKs of stations worked with.
      At the moment, all DARC VHF contests (since 2001) are in my data base and it is already quite useful ...
    • Recently I revived my attempts to get some Atmel AVR micro controllers working ... well it is a long time that I have done something similar but now you can read more about my AVR activities ... (in German).
  • electronic handcrafting

  • Antenna construction

    I am trying to build at least some of my antennas by my own. So I have more possibilities for experiments, I gain some experience and it is finally not so expensive. Read here for more information ...