My shack

This page gives you some impression about the current state of my shack (and its "environment"). Here is a view towards the table with the Trx and other toys:

table with trx and other toys

Here we have:

  • the Icom IC-251A allmode transceiver in the foreground at the left side
  • a power supply (4/6 A) for the 2m FM transceiver and the IC-251A with the control unit for the antenna rotor in the background, left side
  • another power supply (Maas SPS-9250) for the Icom 706MkIIG transceiver
  • a Standard C8800 FM transceiver with a Yaesu FT-227R on top of it
  • the HF/VHF/UHF all-mode transceiver IC-706MkIIG at the right side

My equipment is:

  • an Icom IC-706MkIIG used currently for HF/VHF-SSB and 2m FM repeater operation
  • AT-100Pro tuner by LDG Electronics
  • an Icom IC-251A all-mode transceiver mainly used for SSB and FSK441 operation. It can be connected to a power amplifier which results in approx. 50 W HF and to a 5 element Yagi (DK7ZB design) mounted on a simple antenna rotor.

    IC-251A/E picture from

  • a Standard C8800 FM transceiver which makes 1 or 10 W HF connected to a triple leg antenna. This one is mainly used for local QSOs.

    a Standard C8800 FM transceiver

  • another C8800 transceiver (not shown) intended for 2m, 1200 Bd packet radio but I am not yet QRV here (I have the digipeaters DB0RUE and DB0WIM (APRS) very close to my QTH).
  • a Yaesu FT-227R 2m FM transceiver ...
  • a Yeasu FT-817ND portable transceiver, this one is to become my rig for /P operation...

Sometimes I go into my shack with the intention to make it up or to do some handcrafting but when I switch on my rig to listen to 144.300 Mc or beacons and sometimes also to the local repeaters time is running very fast and nothing is done finally ...

Nevertheless, I don't want to keep from you a picture from the 'dark' side of my shack. It is a proof of a fundamental law in thermodynamics that entropy if always growing ...

my workbench

Recently, due to the closing of a electronic engineering company I had the opportunity to acquire an electronic workbench. As this happened not so long ago the entropy had not yet any real chance to grow...

  Software used by DC2IP

This is a list of the software which I am currently using for my Amateur Radio activities:
  • VQLog 3.0B by EA6VQ, this is my main logging program
  • WinContest by DD3KU for the DARCs VHF contests
  • N1MM Logger by N1MM, used for logging in most HF contests, with the add-on program Grayline
  • HAM-*** by Arcomm for the logging of smaller contests
  • LM by DL8WAA, to convert some log outputs into the DARCs favorite STF-format
  • WSJT4 by K1JT for Meteor-Scatter operation
  • DigiPan by KH6TY, UT2UZ and UU9JDR for PSK31 operation, I personally prefer the 1.7 version over the 2.0 version
  • MMTTY by JE3HHT for RTTY operation (sometimes, not much experience)
  • UI-View32 for APRS operation (test only), AX-25 stack based on FlexNet 3.3g with sound modem or TNC2S
  • Paxon 2.00.1114beta as Packet-Radio Terminal, also bound to the FlexNet AX-25 stack
  • HamLocator by Arcomm for locator and distance related calculations