This is a picture of the QSL card first in use by me. It shows the star image 'Orion' known as a hunter from Greek mythology.

This is a picture of my QSL card currently in use

I am still collecting QSL cards for each QSO and I prefer normal QSLs via bureau (DARC) over eQSL. Nevertheless, if desired, I will also confirm eQSLs but this could take some time. If you would like to use another eQSL system, please let me know via

You requested a QSL card for a QSO and you didn't get any (within 6 months) ?
Well that should not happen, I apologize for it, please send me an e-mail to remind me ...

NEW !!! I have AG certificate at eQSL.cc !!!

I have AG certificate at eQSL.cc !!!.

My QSL policy (mainly for VHF QSOs):
I send QSL which have been agreed upon during a QSO a.s.a.p. and I send in addition QSL cards for important QSOs (new Square, DOK, etc.) and I hope to get one back. In case of multiple QSOs and an already existing paper QSL card I use the eQSL system to confirm the later QSOs. Of course, incoming, not requested QSL cards will be confirmed.
If you receive a QSL card from me which is for some reasons not valid for the award you are applying for, drop me an e-mail with a note on the corrections and you will get a new one.
eQSLs for HF and 70cm QSOs will be issued a.s.a.p. after the QSO.
Please note that I keep QSOs for DC2IP and DC2IP/P in separate databases at eQSL.

Logbook of the World (LotW):
Since March 2012 I am using also the LotW. I will try to do at least once or twice per year an upload of my QSOs.

DARC Contest Logbook (DCL):
This process is done 'automatically' but I have not yet uploaded any paper QSLs to this database.

All (paper) QSLs have been sent via DARC bureau.

Finally (May 2007) with the support of my XYL I have a number of printed QSLs in hand and those requested have been sent via DARC bureau.
Tnx to all for their patience!

The QSLs for this callsign are usually managed by Elke, DH3IAM. For my periods of activity I have hopefully sent all QSLs!

In september 2009 I tried to participate in the IARU-VHF contest during holidays in south France. The QTH was close to Grasse (JN39LR). No QSLs sent so far...
During my stays at CERN, Geneva (mainly in 2011 and 2012), I had the oppurtunity to use the local club station F6KAR of the CARC. All QSOs for F/DC2IP are QSL'ed via eQSL. Further QSLs will be sent via GobalQSL.